How to choose a law firm

In our today’s material, we would like to talk with you about how important it is to choose the right legal assistance, to find such specialists who will definitely help you, and not turn out to be scammers. The main nuance is that people who have problems are especially vulnerable. In search of a solution, how to proceed, they can become victims of dishonest and / or inexperienced lawyers much more easily.

Debtors are a risk group.

The fact is that when a person has debts, he, of course, gets nervous and wants to resolve issues with them as soon as possible, get rid of them. And then, in the search for a solution, there may be spontaneous reactions, when, without reading the conditions, a person may find legal assistance that is not entirely competent. Or just become a victim of an unscrupulous creditor who threatens him. Such a lender can calculate interest and penalties “from the ceiling”, and threatening the client, seek payment of the entire amount from him. This applies to debtors who have loans from both banks and MFIs.

Pressure from the lender, intimidation, collection threats, among other things, lead the borrower to look for ads for legal assistance and advice (on the Internet, through acquaintances, through ads). And here the main thing is how to find a solution and those lawyers who will definitely help you, and not deceive you?

About lawyers and credits.

Such a frightened borrower may find himself in a situation that, having found a loan specialist, he, without going into details, signs an agreement with him for assistance. And as a result, such a “specialist” only receives payment from him for his “services”, without giving anything in return. Often such pseudo-lawyers promise to save the debtor from the loan agreement altogether, “to solve all problems and close the agreement”.

Remember, no one can “close the loan agreement” for you. Real lawyers working under the Law help you, develop an algorithm of actions “for you” (based on your situation), offer legal methods for resolving problems with problem loans. They also help with documents, their execution, writing applications, complaints, filing lawsuits, etc. Then you follow the exit path suggested by lawyers and close problem debt faster and more efficiently. But it is impossible to do it completely for you.

What does it take to choose a good lawyer?

For starters, transparency and legitimacy are important. All conditions that you are offered should be described in detail. A contract must be concluded with the company in duplicate (one for each of the parties), and only after all the conditions have been discussed and you have decided that such conditions suit you.
Payment for the services of lawyers under the contract can have two options. First, it is a fixed payment (the price of the service). Secondly, the percentage of closed loans or the amount recovered on loans. You also need to discuss all the nuances of payment in advance, check it in the contract, and only then sign it.
Individual approach. You should not contact those lawyers who act “according to the template”. If everything was explained to you in a very superficial and generalized way, and you feel that they will not delve into your situation. And at the same time, they also rush and insist on payment, signing an agreement with them, etc., then this is definitely not worth doing! Your situation must first be analyzed – the number of loans, where they were taken, lawyers will need to look at the terms of loan agreements, what was accrued and when. All this is necessary to understand what exit paths to offer you. Only such lawyers should be consulted.
Consulting. Competent lawyers will always provide you with assistance and support, give clarifications to your questions, and not only offer to pay them money for solving problems.

Who should be contacted?

If you need competent support of experienced lawyers, then you are welcome to contact us!

The Legal Center for the Protection of Debtors knows exactly how to help a person who has debts to banks or MFIs. Why us?

Because the specialists of the Legal Center for the Protection of Debtors adhere to the principles described above.

We follow the current legislation, work only within the framework of the Law, and also monitor all changes, new regulations, etc.
We always make contact with the client from the very first consultation to the victorious finale. You will always have support from us. We do not abandon our client by giving him document templates, and then let him figure it out himself.
We have a wide range of services, which is why we can find a way to resolve the issue for any citizen of Ukraine who turned to us for help.
Before you start helping: we will tell you the conditions, analyze your situation, and offer options. You just have to carefully read the terms, sign the contract, and then get competent legal assistance.