How to name a law firm: tips and examples

Tips for naming a law firm

The key task of a law firm name is to instill a sense of trust in clients and show professionalism. This can be achieved in various ways.

Tell us how you can help

Do you specialize in a particular area of ​​law? Underline it in the title. Firstly, customers will immediately understand what services you provide, and secondly, it will be easier to find you on the Internet using keywords. Such words can be “divorce lawyer”, “corporate lawyer”, “property lawyer” and other specializations.

Another naming technique is to emphasize not only knowledge, but also the professional qualities that are expected from lawyers: reliability, strength, experience, confidentiality. Look for synonyms and associations for the qualities you want to draw attention to, and think about how to use them in the title.

Avoid frivolity

Clients do not need a joker lawyer, so try to avoid puns, alliteration, humor. The name should be specific, simple and understandable: excessive frivolity can only harm the business.

Correctly combine the names of partners

If you decide to follow the traditional path and combine the names of the founders of the company, follow a few rules:

Remember simplicity? This principle also applies to proper names: do not use long surnames that are difficult to pronounce.
At the other extreme, use common last names that won’t make your company stand out or be remembered by customers. If possible, do not put them in the first place in the title.
Limit the number of last names. People are unlikely to remember more than four, besides, such a name would be too long. If you have many founders, try to shorten the name to the formula “one person and partners”.
Check the abbreviation, which is formed by the initial letters of the surnames. If it evokes negative associations, swap the surnames.

Learn the rules for names in your area

Each country and even state may have different rules for naming law firms. For example, the name of an American law firm should not be misleading: hint at a connection with a government agency, include the name of a lawyer who is not associated with the company or is not a lawyer. Be sure to check the rules that apply in your country and make sure you don’t break them.

Use an online name generator

Confused by combinations of legal terms and associations? Use the free online name generator from Logaster. This method has two advantages. First, the service will suggest dozens of titles based on the given keywords. And secondly, you can immediately create a corporate identity and see how each name will look on the logo, business cards, letterheads and other attributes that will be needed in the work.

Examples of law firm names

To choose the best variant of the name, study what techniques were used by more experienced colleagues. Let’s give some examples.

Legal consulting

The name Briones Business Law Consulting cannot be called short, but it tells clients the name of the founder and his specialization – consulting for entrepreneurs.

Briones Business Law Consulting
Business process maintenance
A creative and at the same time traditional trick is to use terms from Latin related to Roman law. This was done by Aequo, whose name refers to the expression “Ex aequo et bono” (“For goodness and justice”), which corresponds to the brand’s values.


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Company registration
Law&Trust (“Law and Trust”) emphasizes professional qualities in the name and appeals to the expectations of clients looking for lawyers they can trust.

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How to use the name in branding
The name of your firm will accompany all legal processes and communication – both online and offline: business correspondence, official documents, business cards, door signs, website design, email signatures and much more.


The name of the law firm will become an important part of the business: it can both attract clients and repel them. An original name will demonstrate your experience, principles and professionalism, help you to be remembered and stand out in a competitive market.