Effective marketing for lawyers

Consider what effective marketing is for lawyers, and what rules must be followed in order to inspire confidence in clients and attract more of them.
Every lawyer sooner or later faces the same question from their potential clients: “If I use your services, what guarantees do I have?” The question can also be put differently: “What are the chances of a positive outcome of the case?” or “What do you think the percentage of winning is?”

One way or another, the question of the effectiveness of the actions of a lawyer, for adequate clients, is much more important than the question of price. Some will pay any money for the result.

And the number of sales will depend on how correctly you answer such questions.

On the one hand, it is not always possible to guarantee anything in the legal sphere. On the other hand, you need to guarantee, otherwise the client will not buy. At this point, professional ethics and the issue of money collide. And not always the first wins the second.

In every city there are lawyers with a “tarnished” business reputation. You may even know a few. They are ready to promise anything to anyone, just to close the sale. And then – at least the grass does not grow. I hope you are not one of them and will follow a few simple rules, giving guarantees for your services.

1. NEVER guarantee what you can’t (and won’t) do.

This is the key to your good reputation.

Carefully consider the terms of the guarantee and the possibility of a refund.

2. If you cannot guarantee anything, you need to work on improving the quality of your services.

Most legal services can be standardized. This is especially true of registration actions related to legal entities and real estate. If the scheme of registration actions has already been carried out by you more than a dozen times, you know the procedure thoroughly. Why not voice the guarantee you provide.

3. If the result cannot be guaranteed, guarantee the process.

It is not always possible to give guarantees for complex complex legal services, such as representation in courts. Too much depends on you. However, you can give a guarantee not on the result, but on the process. You cannot guarantee a positive decision by the judge, but you can guarantee the procedural aspects and your actions: free appeal, deadlines.

4. Use “external” guarantees.

If your budget allows, you may be able to insure your civil liability for harm due to deficiencies in services.

5. Everyone should know about your guarantee.

Using a guarantee when offering your services is one of the STRONGEST marketing techniques of a lawyer. Therefore, if you guarantee something, this information should be on your website, in price lists and catalogs. You should talk about this in person and by phone. However, as with any business change, start small and test.