How to find good legal advice


As we have repeatedly noted on our website, a good consultant can be compared to a good doctor. Indeed, at least once in a lifetime, every person faces a particular legal problem. And if this is an active, business person, then many times.

Life and health do not depend on the correct advice of a consultant, but well-being, which is quite measurable by money and the comforts of the world.

We expect impeccable knowledge and experience from a doctor, and we expect the same from a legal consultant.

But can any consultant live up to these expectations? Obviously not. The reason is clear: not all lawyers have the necessary knowledge and experience. But, there is another reason: the lack of specialization. In Russia, lawyers simply do not have it. Many are looking for her, asking, but they won’t find her for another twenty years. Doctors are divided into categories: ophthalmologists, surgeons, orthopedists, and so on, in the US, lawyers are also divided into categories: family lawyers, corporate lawyers, tax lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and so on. Our market of legal services is not yet so developed, and cannot develop in this direction, since the cost of legal services in Russia is several times less than in developed countries.

Hence, we have to work in all areas of law. It is especially difficult for lawyers who handle both criminal and civil cases. That is why, by the way, it is better to contact law firms with civil matters. What to do about this problem? Actually nothing, this is not such a problem, just do not expect an immediate response from legal consultants. It is necessary to give the lawyer time to think over your question, if he needs it. We think so, since the consultant does not immediately give a clear answer, this is a bad consultant. Is not a fact. Often an inexperienced lawyer will say three boxes just to say something, and an experienced lawyer who is responsible for his words will take time to find out the answer to the question. It is not possible to know all the laws, and even more so judicial practice. Yes, there are standard questions, but not everyone comes to us with standard questions.


If we continue the topic of mistakes that people make when they seek legal advice, then this is the desire to get advice by phone, by e-mail. This is mistake. Firstly, not a single telephone conversation can replace a live conversation, in which and only in which you can find out all the nuances, and secondly, lawyers, first of all, work with documents without seeing which it is impossible to understand many situations, especially how I noticed people sometimes even say the opposite of what is written in the documents.

Alas, the voice of reason falls silent on the desire to save the unfortunate 500 rubles. Of course, an experienced lawyer will not give complex consultations over the phone, he has little time for this and he knows his own worth, but inexperienced lawyers who want to attract a client can do as much as they like. They are even ready to announce it. Therefore, I would like to warn our readers, do not look for free consultations, remember that a lawyer does not bear any responsibility for them, even moral, you did not pay him anything.

The third common mistake is the desire to limit yourself to verbal advice. Sometimes, indeed, this is enough, but more often it is not. The lawyer is directly responsible for his written explanations, in addition, they contain specific rules that can always be referred to in the event of a dispute.


  • A competent and responsible consultant is not afraid to admit his mistakes, to take time to think about a difficult issue;
  • He does not give free legal advice;
  • He does not refuse to put his words into writing (for a fee, of course);
  • He has a competent speech: in his speech there is a numbering of articles (for example, interest under 395 of the Civil Code), there is a specific language (allocation of shares in kind, unauthorized construction, vindication claim, and so on);
  • He refers to his rich practice.