Ask a lawyer a question

Ask a lawyer! The need arose unexpectedly, nowhere. As people say, trouble comes from outside.

What is the problem, what is the problem?

Each has its own problems. There is no point in listing them. Ordinary, everyday typical situations: family quarrels, problems with neighbors, conflict situations with authorities, and the like. For some reason, everyone thinks that getting an intelligible answer is tantamount to asking a lawyer a question. Of course, in some ways it is right, the decision is reasonable. On the Internet, there are a lot of forums for lawyers, shareware legal advice, blogs, chats, where you can get an answer to a problem that has arisen.

The site, with an advertisement for a free legal consultation, is alarming with the suspicion not to be deceived, to receive a formal, incomplete answer. That’s right, a self-respecting lawyer appreciates time and work, unless a student who wants to gain experience will pay personal attention! Forum – luck, get into the right section for the right interlocutor or lawyer who wants to help, and not engage in self-promotion. The interlocutor, at best, will share his experience about a similar situation or find free ears. At best, a lawyer will give a formal answer, at worst, he will advise you to come to his office, where he will provide a service or give advice for a certain amount. Many such examples can be given. It makes no sense to remember chats at all, as practice shows, people communicate for the sake of entertainment, there is simply nowhere to put their personal time. Other people’s problems do not interest them at all!

Ask a lawyer a question.

Where can I get a quick, intelligible, reasonable answer with references to laws? Naturally go to legal advice. For a certain amount, everyone will talk about the topic of the issue, outside the issue, and even offer a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes you can get a calming training from a psychologist, if the topic is interesting in making money, then cooperation in terms of “lifelong judicial debates” is far away. Lyrics are lyrics, but indeed sometimes a person needs otherworldly attention, situations in life are unpredictable. Not always, and the answer of a lawyer solves the problem as a whole, you really need services for the preparation of documents (applications, complaints), litigation, and the like. And if not, services are not needed? Is there no necessary amount of money for adventures in law firms?

Ask a lawyer a question. Get a quick, complete and legal answer, with links to laws. If necessary, you can get advice, both of a legal nature and in terms of finding loopholes in the law, inexpensively, at a reasonable price, you can only online, on the Legal Advice website.


– a small price of the issue, one might say symbolic;

– saving time for adventures in consultation offices;

– a full and legal answer that it is impossible to get for free.

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