Professional lawyer: how to find a specialist?

Each of you will certainly agree that when a complex legal problem appears on the horizon that can have a significant impact on your career, financial condition or even life, you are looking for a truly professional lawyer, and not just a person with a legal education. Preference is given to experience, seniority, deep knowledge and impeccable reputation. After all, it is better to initially solve the problem with high quality than to return dozens of times to correct shortcomings or, even worse, to entrust the matter to a newcomer, who will only aggravate the situation. You will have to look for a good specialist, but the result will justify the time spent. A professional private lawyer will be able to solve a problem of any complexity. We want to tell you about what exactly you should pay attention to when looking for a specialist.

Professional services of a private lawyer: features of finding a specialist

In order not to become a victim of a non-professional, you should take the search for a lawyer very responsibly, opting for a real specialist. A few simple rules will help you cope with the task.

So, for starters, you should make sure that you have a lawyer in front of you, and not just a person with a legal education. Ask a specialist to show you a certificate of the right to practice law or a certificate.

If you have a real professional lawyer in front of you, he will not be afraid and, even, he will offer to conclude an agreement on the provision of legal services, which will protect both you and the specialist in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the contract by one of the parties.

A professional never meets for negotiations in a cafe, bar, restaurant. A professional lawyer will definitely invite you to the office, where you can discuss all your questions in a strictly businesslike atmosphere. Another option – a lawyer can offer you a trip to your location (meaning an enterprise, office, etc.).

It may not sound funny, but even the appearance distinguishes a layman from a reliable specialist. A professional lawyer will never allow himself to look bad, wear shorts or ripped jeans to work.

The provision of legal services by a professional does not begin with the announcement of a price list, but with a deep study of the issue that led you to it.

Assessing a difficult issue or conflict, a professional will never answer all questions about their further resolution: “Easy! No problem!”. A real specialist always knows that difficulties are inevitable, but another thing is that he also knows how to overcome them.

A professional private lawyer always keeps in touch with the client and does not unreasonably postpone the meeting for a day or two or a week.

Representation in court: is it worth resorting to the services of a lawyer?

Private lawyer or law firm: which is better?
It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. An individual private lawyer may be a professional in his field, while a law firm, on the contrary, may consist of novice, inexperienced lawyers. But this is not a rule, but an exception to it. Therefore, when choosing a lawyer, it is better to pay attention to law firms (as a rule, they are very scrupulous in the selection of employees, selecting the most experienced of them), but not in terms of finding the loudest and most famous name, but in terms of staffing. Now it is not difficult to find such information. Every self-respecting law firm has its own website, which must contain information about its employees (their length of service, experience, achievements in work). Carefully study it, read customer reviews and make a decision.