Loan lawyer

Having problems with the bank? A credit lawyer can help!

Many individuals and legal entities are faced with the emergence of credit obligations. Ideally, a loan is taken, repaid and the relationship with the bank on the loan is terminated. But in practice, the situation does not always develop in this way. Financial difficulties, unforeseen life circumstances, an unscrupulous partner can become the reasons for the formation of debt due to the impossibility of timely fulfillment of the obligation. As a result, the debt is overgrown with additional penalties and fines, the case is considered by the court. Some in this case, what is called “give up”, giving the bank a pledge: a house, an apartment, a car, a summer house, equipment.

Others try to defend themselves by explaining to the court that financial insolvency is temporary. Both are losers. But there is a way out of the situation, and this is an experienced credit lawyer. The specialist will not only help you find the best solution to the problem, but will also do everything so that the case does not go to court, and you receive the maximum possible delay in payment under the loan agreement. Only one consultation of a banking lawyer can change the course of the case radically. After all, it has long been no secret that sometimes banks resort to not entirely legal methods of influencing the client: important terms of the contract that restrict the rights of the client or, for example, allow the bank to independently change the interest rate on the loan, are written in small print or are included in the annexes to the agreement, and as a result, they remain unnoticed by the borrower until the onset of adverse circumstances. The amounts of penalties and fines are calculated with an overstatement, collection services are connected to the work.

Legal problems in the field of lending should be solved by an experienced specialist

The company provides high-quality legal services to individuals and legal entities in the field of lending and settlement of other relations with banks and credit unions. Need legal help with a mortgage or credit advice? Any problem will be solved by an experienced lawyer of our Company.

The range of services provided by the Company includes:

  • consultation of a lawyer on a loan (the issues under consideration may relate to the conditions for signing an agreement in the future, the current state of the execution of an agreement or problematic situations related to non-repayment of a loan, the formation of debt, an increase in interest rates, etc.);
  • legal analysis of documents (including analysis of the loan agreement, before signing it, for compliance with the law, as well as to establish the presence of financial and legal risks for the client);
  • amicable settlement of the dispute with the bank (a loan lawyer will negotiate debt restructuring, the possibility of granting credit holidays, deferral and installment payments, etc.);
  • resolving issues related to the seizure of the debtor’s property, assistance in removing property from seizure;
  • resolving issues related to the debtor’s property pledged by the bank;
  • resolving issues related to the division of debt obligations on a loan for former spouses;
  • drawing up a statement of claim in court to recognize the loan agreement as invalid or in connection with an appeal against the amount of obligations declared for payment by the bank, as well as in connection with challenging the surety or mortgage agreement;
  • representation of the client’s interests in court at all stages of the case (from the court of first instance to the court of appeal and cassation).